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Guest Set Up to Win Bundle

Pre Guest Questions / Expectations Script – short videos
Take the guessing out of whether or not your guest will be ready for recording day. A script and guide will be provided for the creation of your personalized welcome video to send out to guests to set them up to win.

Recording Day Checklist Worksheet

Planning Checklist & Recording Day Checklist
The essential checklist items for planning your show, recording successfully, and having the best and most consistent outcome. This allows for no forgotten items and thorough show production.

Nuts and Bolts Production Guide Workbook

Pre-Recording Checklist & Zoom Checklist & Interview Checklist & Editing Checklist
This essential guide includes your pre-recording, Zoom, interview and editing checklists. These allow for no missed steps in the production process.

Guest Packet

Guest Packet Template “What To Expect” Guide

This template provides a structure for creating a guest packet for your show. This packet includes information on show format, items that you need for show promotion, recording information, and any pre-recording questions that need to be answered. This is the guide that sets guests up to win.

Podcast Automation Strategy

Scheduling Tips and Automation Tools
This mini-course covers five domains where automation can be implemented for your podcast. Learn how to automate:

  1. Scheduling for recording
  2. Email correspondences
  3. Podcast show releases
  4. Social media promotion
  5. Template graphics for show promotion

Essential Email Templates

Example email content to use for your correspondence.


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Podcasting Launch Masterclass

Discover How to Start Podcasting Now, Learn How Savvy Entrepreneurs Are Fast Tracking From Launch to Profits

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