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Pivot & Bloom Podcast

Kamilah Marie MD is a physician in Columbus, Ohio. Despite years of medical training and providing care on the front lines, she found herself struggling with obesity, fatigue, and body pain. Fed up and not sure where to turn, she began a deep dive into all things nutrition and found that there was so much more to it than meets the eye. True health and wellness encompasses spiritual, physical, emotional, relational and financial well-being. Pivot & Bloom Podcast will highlight perspective changes that led to her personal 180, and the fruit that it produced in her life. The podcast will also include a variety of inspiring interviews and discussions to demonstrate the unique transformational journeys of others. If you desire momentous change in your life, but have no idea where or how to begin, this is the podcast for you.

Living at Your Finest Podcast

Dr. Dolapo Babalola AKA Dr. Babs’s passion is to apply a Fun, Fundamental & Faith-Based Framework to help Communities of Color to Live At their Finest Holistic Health by being empowered to nourish their bodies, spirits, and souls so they can flourish as Health Champions. She shares lessons learned from her personal health journey and extensive professional training for educational purposes only. Dr. Babs’s guests also impact their wealth of expertise on all matters related to Holistic Health. Welcome to Living at Your Finest Podcast! I am honored that you are a part of our community of Health Champions.

The Drama-Free Workplace with Patti Perez

Can you imagine life with no drama? If you envy your friend or colleague who seems to embrace her inner Gandhi, then this is the podcast for you. Drawing on wisdom from her Salvadoran immigrant roots, stories from her (almost) 30 year career as an attorney (don’t hold that against her), workplace investigator and best-selling author, Patti Perez will make you laugh, cry and think – but most importantly she will motivate you to act by providing practical advice to manage and resolve conflict, at work and beyond.

Ignite Your PowHER with Dr. Jen

Welcome to Ignite your PowHer Podcast. I am so glad you are here. Have you ever wanted to follow a dream but were too scared to do so? Do you feel alone or like others don’t get you?Do you have that voice inside that you were meant to do more? I AM HERE FOR YOU!In this podcast I will cover all things WOMAN…health, motherhood, money, you name it. I will discuss holistic health topics that are science backed so you have the answers you are seeking to optimize your health and wellness. I am a doctor and health coach and I believe you can get a VIBRANT, healthy life they serve.I believe women helping women is the most incredible force in the universe.I will interview female experts who are badasses in their fields so you can learn, grow, and find your voice. So join me as I help you ignite PowHER!

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